Cybersecurity: What is the most important thing we have?

January 21, 2022

What is the most important thing we have?

Depending on one's context, this question may have different answers; for example, a person may say his or her family, a parent may say his or her children, an entrepreneur may say his or her customers, a company manager or administrator may say his or her employees, and so on; the important thing to understand is that this question, in our time, can be summarised in one answer: Our data.

Why is our data so important?

With our data, anyone can have access to information about our relatives, our children, our clients, our employees and so all this information is generally in the palm of our hand on our mobile devices, which we often forget the risk we run by not giving them the importance and security they deserve.

When we hear about cybersecurity we always think that it only concerns companies or those in charge of safeguarding passwords or important electronic accounts and we do not have to think about these issues; this is one of the biggest mistakes we make, cybersecurity begins with each one of us and with our good practices to safeguard the most important asset we have, our information. When we talk about good practices, we refer to those actions we take to protect our information, whether our mobile device is locked with a password, a pattern, a biometric block (fingerprint, facial block, iris, etc.) or two-step verification (when accessing an account not only with a password but also validation via email or another password); all of this is important and we must understand that the responsibility to protect our information is ours and begins with our good practices, because in the end we cannot risk the most important thing we have, our information.

Gilberto Calderón

Legal Operational Director

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