Legal Perspective of Labor Relations

March 7, 2023

This February 13 and 15 Atypical Group El Salvador in alliance with our sister company Soluciones Productivas, had the opportunity to launch our third joint edition of the training course Legal Perspective of Labor Relations, taught by our facilitator Carlos Moreira part of our team of consultants. This edition was attended by members of companies in manufacturing, services, commerce, among others.
During the course, we covered a variety of important topics related to changes in the current labor regulations and the generation of inputs and methodological tools that allow the prevention and approach of possible labor conflicts. In addition to classroom presentations, there were also practical activities and group discussions, which allowed participants to apply what they learned in a collaborative environment.
We also took the opportunity to discuss general aspects of the labor obligations of employers, which helped participants to contextualize the knowledge acquired and apply it effectively in their work. We thank the participating group for their great commitment and engagement in this.
If you are interested in specific questions or training on compliance with labor obligations, do not hesitate to contact us!

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