The implementation of innovative ideas and models that are developed in commercial or industrial activities are elements that represent a competitive advantage or added value in business. Therefore, they require agile and timely protection. Our legal department advises and accompanies the whole process of protection and preservation of Intellectual Property (IP), Information Technology (IT), Technology, Media and Telecommunications (TMT) and Pharmaceutical Registrations.

Legal protection for innovation

  • Advising on the delimitation of intangible asset inventories
  • Advice, adaptation and updating of internal privacy, personal data and cybersecurity agreements and policies under ethical and business integrity standards. Including products and services with AI elements in their design or final finish.
  • Contracting for consumer goods and services specialising in new technologies, including: Agreements and conditions, warranty terms, licences of use, leasing of services, SAS software licences, open source licences, development contracts on request, contracts for coworking establishments.
  • Drafting of non-disclosure, confidentiality and non-unfair advantage agreements.
  • Advice and support for the registration of trademarks and other distinctive signs, patents, industrial designs and industrial copyrights.
  • Advice and processing of Pharmaceutical Products
  • Recognition of foreign health registrations

Legal assistance for MSEs, start-ups and entrepreneurship

The development of commercial and industrial activity depends on the adaptability, innovation and speed with which commercial activity is developed. Our legal team has extensive experience and adaptability to assist you in the following areas:
  • Advice, formalisation and processing of legal status required according to the commercial activity to be carried out, UDP for the purpose of bidding or exercising commercial activity, capital companies, sole traders, among others.
  • Representation and negotiation of contractual terms in investment agreements, exclusivity, financial and credit system, etc.
  • Advice related to the implementation of internal corporate integrity policies; and risks and prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing.
  • Contracting related to franchising, technical assistance and know-how, among others.
From a perspective of management and prevention of conflicts that may damage the reputation, finances and productive development of companies. Atypical Group through its legal team supports you in the following areas:

Labour and Migration Support

  • Recruitment including remote work
  • Confidentiality agreements, privacy policies, for the organisation
  • Registration of workplaces and employer's presentation
  • Drafting, revision, updating and processing of internal work regulations.
  • Review and adaptation of internal policies with a gender and inclusion perspective, biosecurity, privacy restricted to the workplace, codes of conduct, among others.
  • Assistance in negotiation and conciliation of labour disputes
  • Administrative procedure for obtaining temporary and permanent residence and work permits for foreigners, workers and investors.
  • Administrative procedure for obtaining naturalisation and naturalisation.
  • Processing of permits
  • Processing of authorisations for children and adolescents to leave the country
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