About us

Atypical Group is a legal and and innovation consultancy for organisational development. We provide strategic strategic support to MSEs, start-ups, traders and anyone looking to formalise and seeking to formalise and boost the productivity of their commercial activity. Our services are based on two strategic axes called "Formalisation, compliance and business protection" and "Organisational Development".

The first of these aims to legal and accounting aspects for the creation and life of companies and business ideas or models". and life of companies and business ideas or models". The second aims to support the increase productive growth with a focus on speed and adaptability to change within organisations. organisations and is composed of our areas of Training and Selection of Human Resources. of Human Resources.

To become strategic allies that maintain a multidisciplinary perspective that seeks to prevent, protect and safeguard the business models or ideas developed by our users.
To position ourselves as a Salvadorian consulting firm that enables MSEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs to protect, formalise and maximise their innovative commercial or industrial activity.
  • Trust and integration

    We believe that our clients are an active and integral part of the activity we carry out, which is why we maintain constant and open communication at all times.
  • Agility and strategic innovation

    We understand that business is in constant motion and that a quick response is essential. Therefore, by being able to adapt to different scenarios we are able to provide fast, effective and disruptive responses.
  • Inclusive empowerment

    As our working policy we promote the active involvement of our clients in the development of the services we provide. We believe that the kinesthetic transfer of our knowledge empowers our users and enables them to become the first line of prevention of future conflicts.
  • Proximity and adaptability

    We believe that the adoption of legal strategies must be based on empathetic, realistic and empathetic listening to the person who hires our services. We fully believe that our legal activity must be adapted to the vision and objectives of our clients.
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